1. Component -1: FD Institutional Strengthening and Legal Reforms
1.3 Rehabilitate and Enhance Existing Infrusctutre and Equipment
1.3.1 Infrusctutre/Surface communication:     Roads:
1.3.2 Infrusctutre/New Buildings and Renovation:     Buildings:
                  i. Office Buildings:
                      a. New Buildings:
                      b. Renovations:
                  ii. Residential Buildings:
                      a. New Buildings:
                      b. Renovations:
                  iii. Anti Poaching Camp:
                      a. New Buildings:
                      b. Renovations:
                  iv. Heritage Building:
                  v. Highland:
                      a. New:
                  vi. Toilet:
                      a. New:
                      b. Renovations:
                  vii. Tubewell:
                      a. New:
                      b. Renovations:
                  vii. Ringwell:
                      a. New:
                      b. Renovations:
                  viii. Water Supply Arrangements:
                      a. New:
                      b. Renovations:
                  ix. Watch Tower:
                      a. New:

Total(in km.):   114.8
Total(in km.):   460.62

Total(in nos.):   17
Total(in nos.):  112

Total(in nos.):   74
Total(in nos.):  252

Total(in nos.):   16
Total(in nos.):  69
Total(in nos.):  22

Total(in nos.):   33

Total(in nos.):   73
Total(in nos.):  6

Total(in nos.):   26
Total(in nos.):  100

Total(in nos.):   4
Total(in nos.):  1

Total(in nos.):   7
Total(in nos.):  5

Total(in nos.):   4
1.3.3 Equipment Vehicles,Bycles and Boats procured under APFBC Society:

Total(in nos):  1285
2. Component -2: Multi-Level Strategic Planning
3. Component -3: Sustainable Forest Management
3.1  Sustainable Forest Management by the Forest Department:
    3.1.1    SFM in Reserved Forests(-minus JFMC areas): Forests Rehabilitation(Plantation and Assisted Natural Regeneration):
    3.1.2    Improved Mangemnet Plans of Protected Areas:  Identification and Rehabilitation of Degraded Critical Habitats:
                     Artificial Water Holes:
                     Grassland Management:
                     Wetland Management:
                          i. Wetland Management
                          ii. Inventory of Wetland
                          iii.Wetland Restoration through Ipomea Eradiction
                     Invasive Weed Management Organic without Chemicals:
                     Publicity and awareness works:
3.2  Participatory Forestry Management:
    3.2.1    Participatory Forestry Management(JFM/EDC Support and Strethening):
              Status of Micro Plans(Total no. of shortlisted JFMCs/EDCs):
              Communities Involved:

              Micro Plans through COMPELO(Part-I of Phase-I):    Click Here To Download
              Micro Plans through COMPELO(Part-II of Phase-I):    Click Here To Download

              Fund Released for various EPA to EDCs through FIU for micro planning:    Click Here To Download
              JFMCs Firewood Plantation:

              Community Nursery:
              Indigeneous Nursery:
                 Plantation Maps

Total(in Ha.):   12132(Created Area)

Total Artificial Water Hole (in nos.):   14
Total Area(in Ha.):   360

Total Wetland(in nos. ):   4
Total (in nos. ):   7313
Total Area(in Ha. ):   20
Total Area(in Ha.):   190
Total (in nos.):   2

Total Shortlisted JFMCs/EDCs(in nos):   216

Microplans Prepared (in nos):   80
Microplans Prepared (in nos):   60

Total (in nos):   12
Total Created Area(in Ha.):   8473

Total Area (in Ha.):   0.2
Total (in nos.):   31
4. Component -4: Adding Value and Opening Markets/Opportunities:
4.1  Support Forest Product/Goods Promotion and Marketing:
    4.1.1    Identification of Forest Produced based site specific income generating activities(IGA)
                assessment of markets and expected returns:
    4.1.2    Organise target communities and Build Enterpreneurial and Technical Capacities:
                i. Skill development training programme:
                ii. Enterpreneurship orientation programme:
    4.1.3    Supprt increased added value through improve production and product processing:
                ii. New product Development:
                ii. Value addition of meat for income diversification and livelihood subsistence of fringe communities:
                iii. Design workshop and training of trainers (TOT) on weaving and tailoring:
    4.1.4    Support access to market:
4.2  Support IGA Outside Forests and Employability:
    4.2.3    Machines / Tools / Equipments Distributed in JFMCs/EDCs:

Total Participants(in nos.):   5829
Total Participants(in nos.):   1160

Total Participants(in nos.):   533
Total Participants(in nos.):   57
Total Participants(in nos.):   61

Total JFMCs/EDCs(in nos.):   130
5. Component -5:
5.1 Project Running Costs(Project Management):
5.2 Phasing Workshops:
5.3 Communication,Documentation:
5.4 Monitoring & Evaluation:
5.5 Technical Assistance: